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Intensive hair care product developed for dry, weak, porous, damaged, dull and sub-healthy hair. hydrolyzed protein can penetrate into damaged hair by applying target nucleo protein repair technology, nourish and repair the damaged part.

Homocysteine is the common therapeutic essence and is applied for hair care products; the powerful treatment effect can promote and self repairing ability.
kupa keratin 1minute hair treatment smoothing Intensive Hair conditioner
kupa keratin 1minute hair treatment smoothing Intensive Hair conditioner

Additionally,super micro magnesium grains can improve hair tenacity and elasticity, ceramide silk peptide moisturizing essence and effectively seal moisture and color pigment in hair,

vegetal protein essence can supply diversified nourishment for hair, silk ppt factor make hair silky combine above advanced hair care technologies, after constantly using 3 weeks, it can repair 90% of damaged hair, and make hair moist, smooth, elastic and healthy.


Treatment factor, make hair silky and manageable. CERAMIDE SILK PEPTIDE MOISTURIZING ESSENCE: Effectively seal water in hair homocysteine; Promote hair growth and self-repairing ability. SUPER MICRO MAGNESIUM GRAINS: Improve hair tenacity and elasticity. VEGETAL PROTEIN ESSENCE: Supply diversified nourishment fir hair.


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Producto de cuidado del cabello desarrollado para cabello débil, seco, porosa , dañado y embotado. La proteína hidrolizada puede penetrar en cabello dañado mediante la aplicación de tecnología de reparación de proteína de nucleo de destino, puede nutrir y reparar el parte dañada . La homocisteína es la esencia terapéutica común y se aplica a los productos de cuidado del cabello , el poderoso efecto del tratamiento puede promover y auto capacidad de reparación.

Además, los supermercados granos micro de magnesio puede mejorar la tenacidad y elasticidad al cabello , la ceramida seda péptido hidratante esencia y sellar eficazmente la humedad y el pigmento de color en el cabello.


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