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No Yellow hair Shampoo Remove Yellow Tone Long Lasting

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Product Description


Bingo No Yellow Shampoo 500ml

Packing: 500mL, 24 pcs/ctn

 No Yellow colour care set  Yellow Tone Remover Long Lasting hair shampoo


No Yellow colour care set  Yellow Tone Remover Long Lasting hair shampoo


1. Easier for Coloring:
1) If the hair base is level 8, the hair will be silver ash after No Yellow Shampoo; if the hair base is level 9, the hair will be silver white after No Yellow Shampoo. Since the Yellow or Orange tone is totally neutralized, so it will be very easy to color for any hair color also the result will be very pure. Don’t need any specific mix formula or adjusting, just apply hair color mixture on hair, you can be hair color master.
2) Just so you know, if you want to do some fashionable/crazy color like pink, purple, or blue etc, the result will be pure if the hair base totally no orange and yellow tone. So just use this No Yellow Shampoo after bleaching hair and before you color fashionable/crazy colors, it will be super perfect and beautiful.
2. New PH 5.0 weak acid balance formulation, remove chemical alkaline residues instantly after bleach/color/perm, repair damaged hair and fix split end immediately, keep hair color long lasting.
3. Restore hair coloring tone, never fade.


Bleach hair to level 8-9, rinse and apply no yellow shampoo on wet hair, spread evenly and massage, leave in 10-15 minutes until hair get to grey, the hair will get purple if leave on too much time, rinse and use conditioner for dry/damaged hair.


1. Too damaged hair will easily get hair fade, so be careful when bleaching hair, mixing with S.D.U Plex into bleach mixture or color mixiture for less damage result.
2. Be careful of the time apply amount. If too much No Yellow Shampoo and stay long time the result may become purple ash; if amount and time not enough, the yellow/orange tone may can not be neutralized well.
3. Bleaching may left lots of chemical alkaline residues on hair, it’s better to process deep cleansing after hair bleached. 




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