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The Ukrainian Expo Has Come to a Successful End, Opening up


September 18th
BINGO brings popular products
Not far away, arrived in a foreign country "Ukraine"
Invited to participate in local beauty salon exhibition
Attracting the attention of countless buyers around the world

At the beginning of September, the employees of Bingo, who had just participated in the Guangzhou Pazhou Beauty Expo, immediately joined the development of Ukrainian international beauty. In a series of major international exhibition events, we use action to interpret the power of Bitao.

We have been invited to participate in international exhibitions many times. The products of our own brands have been on the international stage many times and have been sought after and loved by people from different countries and regions. 

This time, Bingo has landed in Ukrainian beauty salon exhibition, which not only attracts the attention of buyers all over the world, but also attracts the attention of many Ukrainian Ladies. Consulting, understanding, and purchasing. Bingo products are with it's "Magic Powder", tempting you from never used to repurchase again.

In this Ukrainian beauty salon exhibition, Bingo's own brand has become a "star product", which is sought after by Ukrainians. Producing products with heart, using quality as a guarantee, this is the aim that Bingo has been sticking to for 20 years.

Bingo has always been devoted to the development of the latest beauty products, leading the development of the global beauty market and providing superior quality products for global consumers.

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